Infinito Wallet Natively Supports MainNet ONT and ONG Token with Version Update 2.1

November 30, 2018

Infinito Wallet is thrilled to welcome MainNet ONT and ONG token to our list of supported cryptocurrencies. From version update 2.1 onwards, users can conveniently transact ONT coin and ONG token on the Universal Wallet, along with all other supported crypto assets. Claim ONG feature will be added in a later update. With this new addition, Infinito Wallet now supports BTC, ETH, ADA, EOS, NEO, ONT, LTC, BCH, ETC, DASH, DOGE, along with GAS, ONG and all tokens built on ERC20, NEP-5 and EOS.

Previously in August, Infinito and ONTology announced official partnerships and the two are also exploring opportunities for further collaboration. MainNet ONT went live on 30 June 2018 and mandatory token swap ended before 1 October 2018.

MainNet ONT on Infinito Wallet: What Can You Do After 2.1 Update

Beginning from app update 2.1, users can send and receive MainNet ONT and ONG token on Infinito Wallet. First-time installers will see ONT coin activated by default on their “My Assets” screen, while existing users can activate by following Part 3: How to Enable New Coins/Tokens on Infinito Wallet from our wallet guide.

We will enable users to claim ONG in later update, so please stay tuned!

MainNet ONT Coin vs. NEP-5 ONT Token on Infinito Wallet

A new high-performance public blockchain, ONTology is currently one of the leading industry players in China. ONT uses a dual token model, with ONT being the coin and ONG being claimable tokens generated as a result of holding ONT (similar to NEO and GAS).

Before becoming its own blockchain, ONT was NEP-5 token on NEO blockchain. After the launch of its MainNet on 30 June 2018, users must perform token swap to convert their NEP-5 ONT tokens to ONT coin on MainNet ONT. This event already ended on 1 October this year.

As NEP-5 ONT token and MainNet ONT will visually share the same logo, Infinito team has opted to remove NEP-5 ONT from our token list to prevent any confusion for users. This will disable new users from adding NEP-5 ONT tokens to their wallet. This change, however, will not affect current users who have already added NEP-5 ONT token to their wallet as Infinito Wallet has no intentions of removing existing added assets from users’ wallets without their consent.

Infinito Wallet will also show a warning message in NEP-5 ONT token’s “Receive” tab to indicate that this token address is not the one on MainNet ONT. Therefore, users must review carefully before making any actions with this address if the goal is to move MainNet ONT assets. We hope these minor but important details will help clear up confusions for users to avoid mistakes in transacting ONT on Infinito Wallet.

Looking Forward: Much More in Store for You on Infinito Wallet

Version update 2.1 brings much more than just MainNet ONT and ONG token support. We are also launching Community Airdrop Program with many free airdrop tokens available for users to claim. Our Universal Wallet has also integrated KYC verification feature, a first in the industry for a crypto wallet, to enable users to quickly apply to enjoy blockchain services.

Up next on our roadmap, Infinito Wallet will add support for more leading blockchains including XLM, NEM, and ICON. We will also, as mentioned above, enable ONT users to claim ONG soon. Keep yourself updated always, or get quick support from our expert team by joining Infinito Wallet’s official Telegram channels – available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

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Shane Tran Thai
Shane Tran Thai