Infinito Wallet Collabs with EOS Community Partners for Free EOS Account Registration!

October 3, 2018

From 3rd to 14th October 2018, Infinito Wallet is hosting another first-come first-served Free EOS Account Registration Campaign for users with version update 1.16.0! In a collaboration with five EOS Community Partners – EOS Arabia,  HKEOS, EOS Philippines, EOS Nairobi, and JEDA; this campaign serves to promote EOS adoption and massively remove the participation barrier for newcomers. The Community Partners will distribute through their respective community channels special invitation codes and QR codes which users can redeem on Infinito Wallet to register for free EOS accounts. Again, this is another limited-time campaign so be quick and grab your free EOS account NOW!

Since becoming the first Universal Wallet for EOS MainNet, Infinito Wallet has grown to be a widely appraised wallet for the EOS community.  Earlier this year, our team offered two major EOS account registration campaigns in July and August completely free-of-charge, successfully registering 1,914 accounts for EOS newcomers. On 29th August 2018, we then officially enabled all tokens built on EOS blockchain in another industry first for a universal wallet. And now, Infinito team has collaborated with the above these Community Partners to bring further value to crypto users and as always, serve as the ultimate gateway for end users to access and thrive on leading blockchains.

Infinito Wallet x EOS Community Partners: How to Get Your Free EOS Account

To register a free EOS account on Infinito Wallet, users need to first join any of these EOS Community Partners’ official community channels (e.g. Telegram) to acquire unique invitation codes or QR codes for free and join our Telegram group ( for quick update and support.

EOS Arabia:


EOS Philippines:

EOS Nairobi:


Then redeem this code on Infinito Wallet following the guide below. Please note that you need to update Infinito Wallet to app version 1.16.0 to join this campaign.

Step 1: On the wallet dashboard, press “Register Free Account” on the EOS coin logo.

Step 2: Select the “Start Free Registration” button.

Step 3: Input the “Free Invitation Code” or click on the QR Code logo to scan.

Step 4: Then enter an account name* and hit “Register” to get the free account.

*Note: Your account name must consists of exactly 12 letters ranging from a to z and/or numbers from 1 to 5 (“12345” and “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”), as officially mandated by EOS.

With just a few quick and simple steps, EOS newcomers can easily register an account free-of-charge on Infinito Wallet. Infinito team and Community Partners has worked together on this one-of-a-kind campaign with the goal to bring more value to the community and further spread the adoption of EOS. We hope crypto users worldwide will enjoy this great opportunity to jump into the EOS ecosystem offered exclusively on Infinito Wallet – the best universal wallet for the EOS community.

On the other hand, if you are interested in becoming Infinito Wallet’s EOS Community Partner and host this kind of campaign on the Universal Wallet, please contact us via [email protected] or drop our Telegram admins a message!

Up next, our Universal Wallet plans to further enhance user experience and improve overall performance with brand new UX/UI upgrades coming soon in version update 2.0! We also have many more exciting feature updates as well as rewarding community programs up in line for crypto users, so don’t miss any of them! Join Infinito Wallet’s official Telegram channels – available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese – to always stay up-to-date with the latest news on rewarding campaigns and product development!

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Annie Thai
Annie Thai