Gone within Five Hours – Second FREE EOS Account Name Registration Campaign Now Closed!

August 9, 2018

As promised, Infinito Team officially announced the kick-off time of the second FREE EOS Account Name Registration Campaign on our Telegram group: 10 AM UTC+7 on 8th of August 2018! With the intense heat of thousands of people from all over the world joining our campaign, 1229 EOS campaign budget was burnt out even faster this time around – in merely 5 hours! With this fund, 917 account names was created for around 1.34 EOS per account.

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Below is an infographic showing detailed results of the second campaign.


Also, you can check full report here: https://eosflare.io/account/infinitoglob

With these two campaigns in July and now August, Infinito Wallet has successfully registered for our users 1914 FREE EOS Account Names in total! We hope everyone who managed to join our heated campaign on time enjoy their free EOS account name. This campaign was our next move to support users joining EOS, an integral part of our vision as the ultimate universal cryptocurrency wallet to enable all users to access leading blockchain platforms.

Coming next in Infinito Wallet’s roadmap, we will support EOS Private Key Import and EOS Tokens, along with available functions such as stake/unstake, buy/sell RAM and export their private keys, so EOS user have full control of their EOS account. Don’t forget that we will also support the most promising blockchain Cardano, adding more to our universal wallet’s ever-expanding support list of leading coins and smart contract tokens.

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Shane Tran Thai
Shane Tran Thai