FAQ: Exchange Service Wallet

December 14, 2018

1/ What is Exchange Service Wallet?

Exchange Service Wallet lets you conveniently monitor your exchanges’ portfolio right inside Infinito Wallet with real-time exchange price in My Assets tab. For now, Infinito Wallet has not supported other functions such as trading, depositing or withdrawing yet.

2/ Differences between Exchange Service Wallet, HD Wallet, and Private Key Wallet?

Exchange Service Wallet: Enter your (Read-only) API Key and Secret Key from an exchange. 

Function: Monitor owned assets.

HD Wallet: You have a 12-word passphrase to manage all private keys. 

Function: Send, Receive, Check Transaction History.

Private Key Wallet: Users import private keys of each cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, EOS, ADA,…) from different wallets or other services.

Function: Send, Receive, Check Transaction History.

3/ How to create an Exchange Service Wallet?

Step 1: Choose Exchange Service Wallet.

Step 2: Tap Select Service to choose your preferred exchange.
*Infinito Wallet currently supports: Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex.

Step 3: Enter your API Key and Secret Key, then tap Next.
*See question 4 on how to find your API Key and Secret Key.

Step 4: Enter your Wallet Name and Password, then tap Create My Wallet.

4/ How to find my API Key and Secret Key?

We have compiled a list of commonly-used guides from the three exchanges currently supported: Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex.

Please keep in mind that these guides are not composed by Infinito Wallet. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. Please proceed at your own risk.

Official Binance Guide

Suggestion Bittrex Guide

Suggestion Poloniex Guide

5/ Are exchange prices updated automatically on Infinito Wallet?

To improve device performance and save battery, real-time exchange prices are not updated automatically. In tab My Assets, simply pull down to refresh and exchange prices will be updated.

Depending on each exchange’s security mechanism, API Key and Secret Key could have limited-time access. A message will be displayed to remind when you need to update your expired keys. If you don’t update new keys, your Exchange Service Wallet will not be able to display the latest information of your portfolio.

How to update API Key and Secret Key:

Step 1: Tap Yes!

Step 2: Enter new API Key and Secret Key

Step 3: Tap Update

6/ Does Exchanges Service Wallet show all crypto assets I own from exchanges?

Yes. All of your assets on the exchanges will be displayed on Infinito Wallet including cryptocurrencies that are not yet supported by us.

7/ Why are some of my assets missing?

Infinito Wallet displays your funds using API responses from the exchanges. Depending on the exchanges, assets with small balance might be automatically rounded to zero and therefore, will not be displayed on your Exchange Service Wallet.

8/ How secure is this wallet?

For your security, all private keys, passwords and passphrases are fully encrypted on your phones by an advanced encryption algorithm using your own secret passwords. Since Infinito Wallet does not store those information, please keep a private record of your own passphrases, passwords and private keys.

If you have any other question, please send an email to: [email protected] .




Annie Thai
Annie Thai