About us

About us

Who we are/History

  • Section 1

    Founded in 2015, Vietnam and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Section 2

    Top 15 Fintech global startups in 2016 – SuperCharger Hongkong Fintech Accelerator Program.

  • Section 3

    Co-organizer of Asia Blockchain Education Program – Asia’s first formal blockchain education initiative.

  • Section 4

    150+ in-house blockchain developers, researchers, marketers and strategic planners.

  • Section 5

    Joint-founder of Blockfin Asia – the first regional blockchain and Fintech conference.

  • Section 6

    Partners in Vietnam, UK, Japan, HK, Kenya and Poland.

  • Section 7

    Keynote speaker/honorary guest at major technology conferences in Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Botswana, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vietnam and the UK.

  • Section 8

    Organizer of ENIGMA, the #1 blockchain contest in Vietnam (December 2016 – April 2017) and leader of monthly meetups and education workshops.

  • Section 9

    Employer of the author of “Cryptocurrency 2016-2017,” Japan’s best selling book on the subject and “Introduction to Blockchains”.

  • Mission


    To foster R&D partnerships with allies across industries as well as incubating relationships and educational communities

  • Vision


    To inspire and revolutionize through innovations in accessible, compliant blockchain technology


  • Ambition


    Unafraid of great challenges or daunting unknowns

  • Versatility


    Recognize and adapt to changes in environment, technology and customer needs

  • Collaboration


    Committed mutually beneficial alliances across markets, industries and fields

  • Accessibility


    Passionate about providing products and services that are easy to adopt and suited for everyday life

  • Community


    Dedicated to fostering educated and inspired student and citizen communities

  • Integrity


    Honest and sincere in our uncompromising adherence to all laws, regulations and expectations

  • Accountability


    Take full responsibility for our actions and ensure customers’ satisfaction

  • Resilience


    Step up from mistakes and never allow a setback or challenge to hinder our progress



Infinito Wallet Team has intensive professional experience in blockchain domain, plus a team of 70 committed members including developers, designers, researchers, business and marketing executives, and customer service officers.

Registered in the Isle of Man – UK, Infinito Wallet is a part of Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe, with a single mission to be the world number one cryptocurrency wallet for communities.